A personalized palette of colors unique to you.

An innovative new technique for finding your best colors. But first, let's take a look at the traditional method.

The seasons

The Seasons

The seasons were created to match the different skin tones of individuals to a palette of colors. Each season consists of different colors that should harmonize with your skin tone and overall complexion. The seasons also takes into account your level of contrast, how dark and light your natural coloring appears. Using skin tone and contrast the seasons technique is a good method for finding colors that should look good on you. Many women find the season method a bit confusing and subjective. There can be multiple sub-seasons for each of the 4 main seasons (sometimes over 20) that have a slightly different palette of colors. Many women find that they can wear colors from many different seasons. It's a good method for getting a general idea of your best colors, but we always knew there was a better way. Scroll down to see the 4 mains seasons and a description of each.


Winter is a cool season that contains colors that are highly saturated (contain lots of color) and also colors that are shaded (black added) and icy or tinted (white added). Some examples of colors in winter are dark red and the bluest of blues. Individuals who look good in winter colors typically have a fair skin tone and natural coloring with high contrast.


Spring is a warm season that contains colors with yellow and orange and most of the pastel colors. Spring seasons can be saturated and tinted depending on the sub-season. Many of the colors in Spring are represented by the flowers that bloom this time of the year. Spring Individuals typically have some warmth in their skin with a low contrast complexion.


Summer is the other cool season. It contains versions of cool greens, light blues, purples and cool reds (magentas). Summer colors are not as saturated as the Winter season. The colors of Summer are best represented by the colors of the ocean blue-green. Individuals that look good in Summer colors are typically low to medium contrast and have cooler undertones in their skin.


Autumn is the other warm season. This season contains warm colors that are shaded (black added). The colors of Autumn are represented during the fall foliage. The colors of autumn include yellow, green, orange and other dark warm colors. Individuals that look good in autumn colors have warm skin tones and are higher contrast than Springs.

unfortunately the seasons left some


The Seasons are a great starting point for color analysis, but unfortunately there are some problems. Individuals are very unique. We all have slightly different natural colors. The Seasons give a general idea of what colors should look good, but it's a "one size fits all" system. Even using the Seasons, it can still be difficult to know why you might fit into a particular season.

That's why we created...

At Natural Color Mosaic our mission is to help others understand color and help you find your best colors! Our completely personalized process takes you through the steps of a color analysis. We use Color Theory and Photoshop to explore your natural colors and guide you through the process while we find your BEST COLORS! During this journey we'll explore topics like; Warm vs Cool colors, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Tint, Tone, Shaded colors and so much more! You'll receive digital images to take with your wherever you go so you'll always have your analysis with you. We also provide you with a digital personal palette of colors to take with you as you shop. The whole analysis is right at your fingertips whenever you have your phone!

It all starts with your

Natural Color Mosaic

Your Natural Color Mosaic is the base of your color analysis. This gives us (and you) an overall picture of your natural coloring. We take 3 samples (a dark, medium and light version) of your hair, eyes, skin and lips. These colors together form what we call your "Natural Color Mosaic."

We then find out if you're

Warm or Cool

We do this by draping you in Gold, Silver, and Coppers. Metals are the best way to determine your warmth or coolness. Some individuals look good in both Gold and Silver, which is why we also use a Copper drape. If you look best in the Copper, then you are likely neutral (both warm and cool).

Then we test you in the


For each season we choose the colors that are known to represent that season. We show these colors in different versions to represent sub-seasons. Even with the problems of the Seasons test, we still feel it's important to know which one best suits you.

Next we find your

Primary Hues

These are the your Best Colors! When we know which hues work with your complexion, we can experiment with different versions of these base hues. This is how we start to develop your personal palette of colors. By the time you get your Primary Hues, you'll understand all the color principles we used to find these colors. We test and drape you in over 200 colors to fine tune your best ones. We do this with the power of Photoshop. You'll get 5 Primary Hue pages (click the arrows to see 4 of Heather's Primary Hues), each with 4 colors. These colors will be used to create your personal palette. You'll also get 8 secondary hues along with 3 neutrals and 3 browns.

Lastly you'll receive

Your Personal Palette!

This is your personal Palette of colors. We'll show you how to use these colors to create amazing outfits. These colors pair perfectly with your Natural Colors.

You'll also learn

Color Theory

Along the way we will guide you through the basic principles of color theory. You'll learn about Hue, Saturation, Brightness and so much more. You'll be a pro at creating outfits that are stunning!

I think I'm just not exactly sure how to recognize certain colors. It all goes back to the fact that I'm just not a natural at this! That's why I've hired you! I am having fun with it for sure. Thanks!

- Kimberly

Just know I am enjoying this discovery process with you, and I appreciate your efforts! This is so much fun!

- Fabbiene


Basic Package

With the basic package we'll start with your Natural Color Mosaic. You'll get to see yourself in the metal drapes to determine if you're warm or cool. You'll also get a to see yourself draped in all the seasons. We'll give you advice for which Season best matches your natural colors.


Premium Package

The Premium Package includes everything from the basic package, but we'll take the analysis further. We'll drape you in over 200 colors to find your best hues. We'll find your Primary Hues and Secondary colors to create a custom unique Personal Palette of colors. This package is for those who want to find their very best colors.


All Inclusive

Our "All Inclusive" package contains everything we have to offer. You'll be guided through our Color Analysis process and get your Personal Palette. But on top of that we will show you your best hair colors, and makeup colors. You'll also get a guide to create amazing outfit combinations using your Personal Palette. Heather will also set up a video conference call with you at the end of the process to give advice on how to use your palette of colors and answer any questions you might have. This package includes a year of color consultation via email with Heather. If you need advice for an outfit send Heather an email and she'll get back to you with her thoughts.


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